Robotic Oncology Center


Faculty members with the UC Irvine Health Robotic Oncology Center are committed to increasing knowledge about surgical procedures and techniques using robotic systems, including the da Vinci Surgery System®. These physicians are actively involved in outcomes research in the specialties of gynecology, urology and oncology.

Our highly skilled surgeons also have developed many innovations for robotic prostatectomy, including refining techniques for rejoining the urethra to the bladder, at UC Irvine Medical Center, Orange County's only university hospital.

Urologic oncologist Dr. Thomas Ahlering, the center's director, has developed and patented a specially designed cooling device, used in conjunction with robot-assisted radical prostatectomy, to protect fragile nerves involved in continence and erectile function. Published results from the first 109 hypothermia patients found that 96 percent of patients were continent one year after their procedure. That figure compares to 87 percent of patients who did not receive the cooling treatment.